Fixing Plone 5, the Framework

A story of early adoption.

Plone is known to be a great CMS and also a great framework for CMS-ish applications.

Because of the many improvements in Plone 5 we used it for our projects, even before it's official release.

Like with any Dot-Zero release, this comes with a cost: bugs, regressions, missing functionality.

But this is open source, so we gave back and - together with the Plone community - fixed all the problems along the way to everyone's benefit.

BlueDynamics Alliance

About the talk

We often use Plone in its depth - as a framework to build on

It is possible to do this close by the Plone core.

Plone 5 helped us a lot to meet and exceed the requirements.

But due to the early adoption, we had to face a lot of problems and find solutions which we brought back upstream.

The end result is again far closer to a Plone-the-framework as we need it.

The Plone 5.0 Release

Why was it released, when it wasn't ready yet?

  • It was ready a CMS - UI-Level worked.
  • It was not ready as a framework.
  • Important to get it out of the door, so people start using it.

About the projects

We realised some projects with Plone 5.

Here 3 examples

This talk is about the requirements we had, the problems we faced and the solutions we found on three example projects:

Porsche Informatik Salzburg

by Klein & Partner KG

Our involvement

Customer Requirements

Project Characteristics

Architekturstiftung Österreich

by programmatic, Johannes Raggam in cooperation with Klein & Partner KG and The Schubiduquartett Design Agency

Our involvement

Customer Requirements

  • layout/tiles/mosaic w/o editor
  • not a single viewlet or portlet used/written
  • collective.lineage
    • rewritten Js and large parts of backend
    • plone.scale/plone.namedfile refactored at large
  • collective.easyform integrated (merging plone5)

Project Characteristics

Swiss Bankers Association

by agitator websolutions, Peter Holzer in cooperation with Klein & Partner KG

Our involvement

Customer Requirements collective.linguatags

About our involvement in Open Source

Giving back via Pull Requests

portal tabs Add review state to portal tabs results #1689

resource registry Simpler generate gruntfile/ compile resources #1500 make Gruntfile.js generator more verbose #1496 better formatting of generator and generated file in orer to increase… #1425 Fix GenericSetup bundle compile error with missing resources #1647 Fix plone-legacy RequireJS errors in development mode #1784

toolbar Prettify toolbar #1733 Minor toolbar cleanup: #1426 Add less variable for width of secondary toolbar column #1416

related items Relateditems refactoring + more #696 WIP Related Items Optimizations #676 allowUpload JSON view, content-type json for all #101

structure pattern Structure pattern: Alert design #660 Structure pattern action items changes #651 WIP: Making structure pattern more flexible to customization options #618

tinymce Use official TinyMCE bower dependency #637 multiple TinyMCE styles from theme bundle #1598


Porsche Informatik

default ILayoutAware ... alles kann ILayoutAware werden ... jeder context kann ILayoutAware gerendert werden.

Also clean up of all the code. adapterize ILayoutAware #37 add subresponse_exception_handler in order to deal more sane with 401… #34 Take permissions and visibility of viewlets in tiles into account. #27 Fix missing view permissions info on tiletype registration #7 Optional show all fields #179 WIP Use adaptarized >=4.0.0 #226

Lineage Navroot subjects setting #1629 folder contents: fix breadcrumbs and toolbar for subsites and VH #82 enable non-portal-root published sites to deliver the translations fo… #93 Optional keywords of current navigationroot only. #35 fix #1513 - Wrong portal_url used for TinyMCE in multilingual site #1514 Use getSite() instead of portal url for controlpanel portlets #1459

Optimizations deferred initialize to reduce costs of adapter lookup. #348 configure edit urls for locking support #359 Change all text getters on ob… #308 IRichText indexing for all and html to plain transform #288 IRichText indexing for all and html to plain transform #287 The defaults of exclude from navigation is now obtained from an adapter. #215 plone.autoform.directives and more generic javascript #228 Don't validate empty start/end #227 More graceful dates_for_display when no start/end #223 Add traceback info with record name to importer in order to ease debugging #22 Give RecordsProxy a parent. #10 Allow to pass a custom exception handler for the response. #9 Fixes out-of-memory errors when using lots of subrequests #8

unload protection Enable unload protection by using pattern class pat-formunloadalert i… #112 Enable unload protection by using pattern class pat-formunloadalert i… #48 Enable unload protection by using pattern class pat-formunloadalert i… #1730 Enable unload protection by using pattern class pat-formunloadalert i… #48

patterns Call callables in pattern options #46 Allow to set CSS class via plone.autoform directives #45 Allow time options to be customized for DatetimeWidget. #24

forms orderable fieldsets #15 Enable override of fieldset label/description in a subsequent directive. #13 Sane ordering for fields. #11 Thet improvements #9 masonry, imagesloaded upd. uncompressed in resource registry #7 WIP: bower, pat-leaflet, pat-gallery, cleanup #6 Cleanup: don't scale images up for direction "down", GIF handling, zero as flexible width #11 use latest plone.scale scaling factories #24 Use ZCA to fetch the scaling factory using IScalingFactoryFetcher #22 Added events to notifiy before/after all/single transform(s) are executed #5

Lessons learned

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